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Mosaic Natural - About Us

When you shop from Mosaic Natural, you will be choosing industry's top quality mosaics and designs at prices simply not possible anywhere else.

Our experience in mosaics retains us the best designers and artists in creating the highest quality elegant mosaics available in the market.

We use over 50 marble , granite and other  natural colored stones to give you the freedom to choose any color you want

Mosaic Natural was established in 1989; we are one of the industry's top manufactures of mosaics and export our mosaics worldwide.

Our success has been built on a simple truth: taking care of every customer like they were someone very special. We always try to take our customers feedback and suggestions into consideration which helped us improving our designs and quality.

Just because we offer the industry's best quality mosaics at excellent prices, doesn't mean we skip on service, In fact, it is our customer service.

Mosaic Natural held over 65 talented mosaic artists capable of creating unique artistic pieces and reproducing any illustration related to various subjects from ancient mythology to modern themes .

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FL190 Marble Mosaic Flowers Vase Entrance Wall Kitchen Tile
AN021 Marble Mosaic Horses Outdoors Decorative Tile
MM040 Verda Luna: Marble Mosaic Plain
AN085 Marble Mosaic Fish Decorative Stone Tile
GO071 Marble Mosaic Square Inlay Shower Tabletop Tile
MD003 Medallion Marble Mosaic

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MD166 Marble Mosaic Medallion Inlay Shower Tabletop Tile

MD168 Marble Mosaic Medallion Inlay Shower Tabletop Tile